Your First Visit

If this is your first time experiencing a full body massage or you are wondering how your visit to my studio is going to be, I would like to share the following information with you. I do full body massage using a massage table. If you are interested in my Chair Massage services please click on this link.

Most likely you have been referred or recommended by one of my wonderful clients as I do not take walk-ins. Before the actual massage session, you will be asked to fill a medical history form. You can download the form here if you prefer to fill the form in the comfort of your house. Rest assured the information in this form is kept confidential and it is only used for the purposes of delivering the most efficient therapy for you.

Once we are done with the medical history form, I will invite you to walk into the massage room. This room provides a restful, safe and private environment were you can hang your street clothes. I will be outside the massage room to give you time to get undressed and lie on the massage table with the linens covering you. You may opt to leave or take off your underwear. I will not enter the room until you tell me is fine for me to enter.

The massage table will be warm and I will use professional massage oils or cream heated to a comfortable body temperature. If you are allergic to some of the ingredients in the scented massage oils, I will use natural jojoba oil which contains no allergens.

While you are more than welcome to engage in conversation, I suggest you relax and enjoy the session. You may or may not fall asleep as the therapy induces a general feeling of relaxation that often results in a short period of sleepiness.  I may or may not ask you questions regarding the force I am applying on your muscles or if you are comfortable with my massage strokes. Relaxing instrumental music will be playing in the background to augment a peaceful experience.

I will let you know when I have finished with the treatment. I will wait for you in the reception area while you get dress. Take your time to get up off the massage table.

Hope to see you soon.



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